Bobcat Trail Golf & Country Club, Florida, United States

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  • Rating: Rating: 3.0  (1 reviews)
  • Opened: 1998
  • Holes: 18
  • Type: Parkland
  • Length:
  • Par:
  • SSS:
  • Slope: 0
  • Green Fees: Contact club for details
  • Offers:
  • Location: Florida
  • Tel No: (941) 429 0500
  • Website: Visit Website


Bobcat Trail Golf & Country Club was built in 1998. It has fairways of bermuda grass and greens of tifdwarf grass, water hazards and lots of bunkers. The course is golf buggy only (no walking). Visitors are welcome.


Putting Green, Teaching Pro, Chipping Area, Restaurant, Snack Bar, Beverage Cart, Full Bar

Golfer's Reviews of Bobcat Trail Golf & Country Club:

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Average Rating Rating: 3.0     Number of Reviews: 1

The worst golf day ever!, 07 Jan 2009, by anonymous
Rating: 3.0
Quality of Course
Rating: 4.0
Practice Facilities
Rating: 4.0
Value for Money
Rating: 1.0
I was asked to comment on the course. So here it is. Let me grab a bit of scotch for this one. 12:30 Tee Time. North Port, Florida - 2 courses down there. Bobcat Trail and Heron Creek. I prefer Heron Creek but the Colonel wanted to play Bobcat. We had to play in the afternoon to save $15 per. Paid $40 each. Of course we get there 15 minutes early to check the speed of the greens and hit a few irons. The starter (John) tells us there is a little wait come back at 12:45. We do and still wait another 10 minutes. Tee off Par 5 at 12:55. Pulled up to the second hole and there are 8 carts of 2 waiting and 4 teeing off the second hole par 3. I picked up my cell phone and called the pro shop. Paul answered the phone and I politely told him not to send anyone else out because of the hold up out here. The Colonel said things would open up. Well we played hit and wait on every stroke. Wait for the tee, and then wait. Hit off the tee and wait in the fairway for the greens to open. It did open up on the 6th hole but the players in front of us were each holing out and not picking up. That caused more of a delay and started to irritate me. We noticed after the first 5 holes one golfer would get 5 feet behind the ball and practice 4 strokes, approach the ball, place the club down and walk around the ball into position, step away from the ball and practice 2 more swings, walk up to the ball, set and hit. Not only did he do this off the tee and in the fairway, he did this stupid routine when he putted. I drove the snot out of my tee shot on the 8th. I was less then 60 yards from the hole and they were on the green. We noticed that the 4 some in front of them have all ready left the 9th tee box and was approaching the green whiched cause a gap. Mr. Routine had a 20 ft putt and put it about a foot away from the hole. They noticed us waiting and what did he do, went into his routine and putted the ball but missed, instead of picking up, he did the dance again and putted out the hole. That’s when I lost it and yelled up at him. The others picked up and moved on because they were within the handle and also noticed the 9th green open. We finished up and waited on the 9th as well at a record pace of 3 hours and 15 minutes! I told the Colonel and the other 2 we were going to pass them on the turn or stop and have a drink to open the gap up a little. We stopped for a drink and went into the pro shop. They said they would send a ranger out to help speed up play. The ranger came up to us around the 13th hole and said the 15th was wide open. He watched the players in front and couldn’t believe the slow play. When he approached them they had words and drove off never to be seen again. Play never went any faster and we finished almost at dark 6:15. As far as the course goes, the greens were lighting fast as if you were putting on glass and hole placement was at all the peaks so not only were you fighting speed control you had to worry about breaks. I drove 45 minutes out of my way to that course and think everything about it was mismanaged. If they were going to send so many people off the tee to make more money they should have placed the pins in more accessible locations to speed up play. Also let the greens grow out for a day or don’t roll them. Slow them down, give the golfer more control and play would speed up. I will never play that course again and if I would win a round at a golf tournament, I would give it away. That’s how bad it was.

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